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It All Started With an “Idea”… IDEE Coffee

Back in 1866, a young German merchant named Johann Joachim Darboven was the first coffee seller to offer packaged ground coffee, sending it to many households via mail order. In 1915 the brand name “IDEE” was created, and in 1927 the first IDEE coffee entered the marketplace. Its “stomach-friendly” character was the result of a new production process invented by Professor Karl Lendrich on behalf of Arthur Darboven.

IDEE Coffee quickly became the cornerstone of J.J.Darboven’s success and an integral part of its coffee philosophy that is still valid today. J.J.Darboven delivers a wide selection of super-premium coffees to the hospitality industry and retail stores. J.J.Darboven’s global headquarters are in Hamburg, Germany.

Today Eamonn Mongey continues this tradition in Ireland. Eamonn began his now hugely successful business in 1989 by securing import rights to all of J.J. Darboven Coffee and Tea products in Ireland. He began his business, in the recession of the late 1980’s, in the back of a delivery van and quickly built up his business and his reputation as the man in the know when it comes to coffee. Traditionally, Eamonn’s main customers have been top hotels, Michelin star restaurants and golf clubs who recognise the quality of his products. Eamonn has recently opened a retail coffee house, in Dun Laoghaire Co. Dublin, as a direct response to consumer demand for his coffee products.

J.J Darboven Ireland supply coffee, tea, hot chocolate and machines to the hospitality sector and retail sector on the island of Ireland.


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