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IDEE Coffee Classic

IDEE Coffee – To add joy to your life

J.J. Darboven coffee is gentler on the stomach thanks to the production process specially developed for Darboven by Prof. Karl Lendrich in 1927.

Prior to roasting, the green coffee beans are steamed to remove virtually all detrimental substances, but leaving behind the full caffeine content.

Today, this famous “stomach-friendly” coffee is a delight for many coffee lovers, reflected in the slogan which has accompanied this coffee from the very beginning:

IDEE coffee.

To add joy to your life!

There is no reason to refrain from indulgence. Do something good for yourself and enjoy a relaxed and improved standard of life.

Idee coffee is available fully caffinated, and decaffinated for those who can not tolerate caffine but cannot live without the pleasure of coffee.

The famous stomach friendly IDEE coffee is available in 1kg beans, 500g beans, 500g ground (caffinated and decaffinated), 250g ground, coffee pads and 100g instant.


The term “wellness” combines ideas of well-being and fitness. People first started talking about it back in the 60s – but then it was superseded by the fitness fad and almost forgotten. Many people’s lives today – their hectic rushing around, lack of exercise, poor diets and stressful lifestyles – are the exact opposite of wellness. In response, something of a “wellness movement” has sprung up – but in many cases this is little more than a money-spinning scheme that often has very little to do with genuine well-being. Here at J.J.Darboven, however, the emphasis is very much on wellness in direct relation to feeling good, and our classic product, the stomach friendly Idee Coffee, gives a whole new meaning to the wellness idea. Idee Coffee is coffee of the highest quality. J.J.Darboven’s 145+ years of experience in gathering and blending the world’s finest beans, along with the use of the latest technology in their preparation, ensures this.

Prof. Lendrich developed the process for Idee coffee decades ago and we have been improving on it ever since. His procedure has now been patented on behalf of J.J.Darboven. No chemicals – in fact nothing but the coffee – is used during processing, which involves exposing the beans to steam under certain conditions (pressure, vacuum, temperature and moisture). This process leads to a reduction of a whole range of undesirable substances present in the bean, which means that fewer irritants are produced in the final roasting – and all this without any influence on the coffee’s stimulant effect. In 1999 it was successfully confirmed in a new clinical study, that Idee Coffee is even more gentle on the stomach, thanks to the newly patented Darboven refining process, which significantly reduces the irritant effect on the stomach lining.

Just thinking about the aroma of freshly brewed coffee is enough to trigger a feeling of well-being in most people. They suddenly get the urge to treat themselves to a flavour full brew – and not without good reason: Coffee contains vital minerals and trace elements like iron, potassium, magnesium and manganese as well as the most important active ingredient: caffeine. By stimulating the central nervous system, it activates hormones, increases the heart rate, the metabolism and respiration. As a consequence coffee is known to energise, lift the spirits and increase the ability to focus. Everyone likes to enjoy a higher level of energy, feelings of well-being and remain in shape, physically and mentally. Feeling well consistently is part of staying in shape. It is said that coffee boosts morale, improves the mood and soothes the mind. True, in that caffeine increases the secretion of insulin by the pancreas. This in turn leads to an increase in serotonin in the brain. Serotonin is a hormone produced naturally in the body – the so called “happy hormone”. It triggers pleasant feelings and is to a certain extent what creates our joie de vivre – wellness in other words. As serotonin levels decrease, depressive tendencies rise. Serotonin levels start to drop as daylight dwindles. For most people, energy levels start to fall with the onset of dusk, and reach their lowest levels in the wee hours of the day. Then, a cup of coffee can work wonders – just as it helps to overcome lethargy that often sets in during the afternoon.

Start the day the gently way, with a cup of Idee coffee.

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