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Movenpick Coffee

Mövenpick of Switzerland is made to an original Swiss recipe. It is made from a special blend of extremely high quality coffees with very rich flavours. It is roasted under careful temperature control and thus provides a distinctive and great taste.

The Heavenly – Plunger coffee

The great classic, Mövenpick, made from 100% Arabica beans reflects the perfect harmony of taste and aroma. Noble coffee beans picked from the best growing areas result in this well-balanced aromatic coffee. Fine and sensual, a real treat any time of day. Expertly blended and roasted with a unique aroma.


This spirited Mövenpick coffee is perfect for espresso. It has an incomparable fullness, combined with a harmoniously rounded intensity and invigorating aroma.

Nutritious and seductive – an intense pleasurable experience for the small but great cup of coffee.

movenpickMovenpick Corazón – superior, carefully processed highland coffee with a balanced and full bodied flavour. This blend of fine arabica beans from the best growing coffee regions of Central and South America develops its rich aroma through slow and gentle roasting. This organically grown and fairly traded coffee grows under the most natural conditions without the addition of any artifical fertilizers. All Movenpick Corazón bags contain the Bio seal (which is the controlled organic farming certificate). A must for all coffee lovers.

As well as 1kg beans, the heavenly Mövenpick premium coffee is also available in 500g beans, 500g ground (caffinated and decaffinated), 250g ground and coffee pads.



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